Gospel Thoughts 1 August

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In today’s Gospel Story (Luke 12:13-21) Jesus talks about the rich man who was so concerned about what he had that he built a new storehouse to protect his possessions. Since the Gospel Stories are about Infinite Truth, there is no one way to interpret them for everybody all the time everywhere. When we let them, they speak to us in the setting of whatever is going on in our life when we hear or read them.

The Story talks about our attitudes towards our possessions. Some of our possessions are ideas.  Quite often we hold on to them to protect them. Some of our ideas that we hold on to tightly and protect them from all comers are our ideas about God. We build our storehouse to protect our God not only from others, but also from our own everyday life. One way to interpret the phrase “this day your life will be required of you” might be as a reminder that God continually is trying to break through our storehouse walls so we can begin to experience him as he is.

The notion of experiencing God can be a threat because we have no control over it. When we let God into our life, as opposed to our rational organization of life, we have no control over how what we will experience. Giving up the control we need to keep our walls up is hard. We have to be ready to be surprised, and a lot of us don’t like surprises. We would rather keep God in our storehouse under control.

In the Opening Prayer we pray, “Gifts without measure flow from your goodness to bring us your peace”. As we let God be God in our life, we come to know from our own experience that these words are absolutely true. We also come to know that our ideas of God are nowhere near the God we have begun to experience. We might begin to wonder if the storehouse we built to protect our ideas about God are in reality protecting us from the God we really wants to be with us. God is with us always, but we have been protecting ourselves from knowing God. Gradually we come to know God in everything that happens, and in every relationship in which we share. The God who is inviting us to let go and come to know is a God who cares and who is involved.

Perhaps the greatest experience is that we are not alone, and goodness is real. We come to know and experience this in very practical ways. We come to know that, not only is God transcendent and somewhere away, God is also immanent and very much “right here”, that nothing is apart from God, and somehow everything point to God. Our everyday life takes on a new richness and depth, which we cannot quite put into words. The peace we mentioned in the Prayer is becoming real for us, no matter what is going on in our life. We come to know everything as gift.

Our ideas of God, which we would so zealously protect, are not in any way God, but that are, if we let them, a jumping off place on our journey to let go and be open to our journey into God. Jesus does not offer us more ideas or answers, but a relationship with him in God. This very day God invites us to move more deeply into this relationship as we ask him to, “Guide our life’s journey, for only your love makes us whole”.


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