Gospel Thoughts 15 August 2010

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In today’s Gospel Story for the feast of the Assumption of Mary () we hear, “Blessed are you who believes that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled”. Sounds like another nice story. How many of us really believe the Lord has spoken any words to us at all? A bit farfetched. Yet as the Lord creates us he is continually speaking to us the word of his loving care. None of this really makes any sense. Most of what we spend our times doing has little to do with him. We already know God is not doing too much about the Gulf oil spill, the wars and terrorism around the world, the economic crises. Perhaps there is more . . .

In the Story Mary “believes” the Lord’s words to her will be fulfilled, and she does not decide how they will be or how she will accept them. Also, she leaves the security of her small town home and travels through difficult terrain to visit her cousin. The Story asks us to believe, not know. What we believe tends to draw us on ahead, away from where we are comfortable and safe. It draws us beyond what we can know and control and moves us towards others who need the gifts the Lord gives us as he speaks his word of loving care.

The problems and challenges each of us faces need the unique gifts that only we have – gifts that are given us to be used in faith for others. The Lord does not necessarily tell us the value of our gifts or even what they are. He asks us to believe in him and go wherever our belief takes us. How we got into whatever situation or relationship we find ourselves in is not the issue. That we are where we are is the issue.  Now that we are here, what do we do? This is something we find out in the quiet time we spend with the Lord. At times the word he speaks to us is powerfully obvious and clear. At other times, it is vague and confusing. He does not call us to know, but to believe.

It might be that he is planting in our hearts a vague notion that is different from the established notions we have come to know. He may be asking us to step forward in a direction that will generate a lot of emotion in those around us, emotion that does not necessarily agree with what we feel called to do. In the Story Mary travelled through the rocky hillside to visit her cousin. At times in our life we travel our own rocky, and sometimes even mountainous, country as we follow a prompting we somehow sense. As the Lord’s word comes to us we might feel the call to respond, even though we might not know just what it is we are responding to.

It seems the Lord does not offer us grand visions of how what we are doing fits into a master plan, but gives us a small glimpse of the step we are to take right now, and even this is not always as clear as we might like.

While it might appear that the Lord is not doing much about the world’s problems, remarkable people seem to rise to the challenges, even in the midst of all the controversy. In our own life, the relationships and situations in which we find ourselves need our gifts, and so we are where we need to be. It is here that we live our belief that the Lord’s word to us is being fulfilled, and it is fulfilled with our consent and hard work. We don’t need to know, but to believe and go where our belief takes us.


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