Gospel Thoughts 7 November 2010

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In today’s Gospel Story (Luke 20:27-38) people try to trick Jesus with some legal intricacies. They had reduced life with God to a series of laws. But, as Jesus told them, they had missed the point. “God is the God of the Living.” God is not bound by our interpretations or our need to feel in control. God would bring us together, while we do our best to keep us apart. God relates to us in love. It would seem that we relate to God and others in fear. “Every one of us is a consequence of a thought in the mind of God; every one of us is important, every one of us is necessary; none of us is an accident.” We might seem to have trouble with this, especially when we do not like someone’s lifestyle or values. In a religion as structured as ours it is easy to reduce following Jesus to laws to be followed and dogmas to be believed. This leads easily to judgmental self-satisfaction. We make following our laws and believing our dogmas, as important as they might be, ends in themselves, and condemn anyone who does not agree with our interpretation of whatever.

Among our great traditions is the notion of reason enlightened or guided by faith. Much more than giving intellectual assent to something, faith is trusting Jesus enough to let him draw us into a personal relationship with him that, as we come to know in our own life, significantly affects the whole of our life and everything we do. Faith is not static, does not stand still. It opens us to vistas and awareness that we could never have anticipated on our own. Faith leads us to be aware of the oneness and unity of everything as somehow an expression of God loving us and inviting us to share this love. It moves us to be aware that we are one with everyone and all creation, and that we have responsibilities to/for each other and the whole of creation. It leads us to know that we have been gifted by a loving God with tremendous power – our intellect and all that goes with it. We enter into relationships with others and with creation as noble persons with a sense of personal responsibility to meet every situation and relationship with the best we have to offer. We have the ability and the responsibility to think, to analyze, to reason and make conclusions about what to do. All this is tied together and supported by our time alone with Christ. This in itself deepens our awareness of the goodness that surrounds us, and that fear, our own fear as well as others’, would hide from us.

With the growth of science, itself a use of our intellectual capabilities, we are coming to know there is a oneness to creation, and this knowledge opens us to God present in and among us in ways we had not imagined. We are coming to know God of the living. Faith shows us we are all in this together, and we do not need to cast off any who do not agree with our particular interpretation of something, however noble. We cannot cut off persons who in whatever way do not live their life as we think they should. We cannot blindly accept whatever is handed to us. To do so denies that our intellect is a gift of God. We accomplish little by threats and violence. We are coming to know this in our international dealings. Violence begets violence, fear begets fear. But, love begets love. God is in every one of us, and loves every one of us as we are. As we come to be aware of this, we also become aware of how we have contributed to the anger and suffering in the world through our need to judge and condemn. And God loving us becomes even more real and practical. So we ask God to “help us to become more aware of your loving design so that we may more willingly give our lives in service to all”.


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