11 November, Veterans’ Day 2010, Random Meanderings

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None of these thoughts are especially original, but they are on my mind.

Why does church “leadership” continue to try to silence persons whose thoughts differ from the established system? What are they afraid of? Who do they think they are?

Freedom of speech, of expression, and of thought are important, especially as we consider the meaning of Veterans’ Day.

There seems to be a credibility gap between the “leadership” and the “led”. What to do with it.

Why does church “leadership” persist in imposing new translations of the liturgy in spite of so many requests from English-speaking people that they go a little slower and consider the people who really speak the language, and why does are they doing it with confusing secrecy?  Because they can. It is hard not be be cynical about various attempts to explain the “richness” and “authenticity” of the new translations.

Why does the “leadership” persist in throwing out (excommunicating or threatening to do so) the same people Jesus reached out to and ate with?

What is the responsibility of Catholics who are aware that something is wrong here?

Why did it take years for the “leadership” to begin to come to grips with the pedophilia problem and weeks to silence and throw out a priest who spoke out in favor of the ordination of women?

If celibacy is such a gift, why can’t we discuss it?

For that matter, why is it not permitted to discuss the ordination of women? Such prohibitions are not going to stop this discussion in this day and age, thankfully. The argument is that Jesus did not ordain women. If this were historically valid, it could be said that Jesus did not ordain and Irish or Germans, but we have Irish and German priests today. The same is true for all nationalities. But, Jesus did not ordain anyone. What we know as ordination came a long time later after Jesus, as did the priesthood as we know it.

While we will always need priests in some form to lead us in liturgy, do we really need the priesthood, a caste set apart (and above in may ways)? There seems to be room for some prayerfully creative thinking here.

The “leadership” tells folks who do not agree with an “official” doctrine or interpretation that their salvation is in danger. Who are they to say that?  The word “hubris” comes to mind.

It is hard not to be cynical about the Vatican and hierarchy’s efforts to reinforce the status quo on so many things.

It is frustrating to have to live with the decisions about the Church in America being made by those in the Vatican who are ignorant both of our culture and our language, and who would impose on us the lifestyle of the European Church they are familiar with, eg investigation of American nuns, the recent “English” translation of the liturgy.

It might just be that, in God’s providence, we are at this time and place because we may have to use our God-given intellects and do some serious thinking, along with some serious pray that we be open to whatever it is the Spirit is calling us to do here and now. It probably does not have too much to do with simply accepting what is “handed down” to us by the all-knowing “leadership”, but instead involve reflecting on our every day lived experience and prayerfully trying to determine what it is we are called to do.

I am concerned by the vitriol in so many people towards all who do not agree with their particular interpretation of something. If we are trying to follow Christ who said his followers would be known by their love for each other, are we missing something here?

I am increasingly convinced that we cannot fit God into our life’s plans, but that we can fit our life into God loving us.


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