13 March 2010

13 March 2010.

Among my concerns as what I perceive to be the abuse of authority on the part of many in Church leadership. Much of what I see seems to me to be centered on protecting  authority structure of the Church with minimal regard of the impact on or importance of the people in the pews. The idea of not allowing women to be priests, for example, is said to be based on the fact that Jesus did not have any women who were apostles, therefore women cannot be priests. There weren’t any Americans or Italians among the Apostles, but there are quite a few Americans and Italians who are priests today. Seems to me something is missing.

Then there is the investigation of American nuns because they don’t live in monasteries and convents like the nuns do in Europe. This strikes me as an insult not only to our nuns and sisters, but to American Catholics.

Celibacy seems to me to be another way to keep priests in line and under control.


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